At Impulse Educational Services (IES) our Tutors strive for excellence. We understand that not every student has the same aptitude and so using our expertise in the domain of education we help students to delve into subject areas that they are likely to enjoy and we help them to excel at it.

For students having difficulties in particular subject areas, we acknowledge these complications and assist these students in coming up with an alternative approach towards these contents or to look at the content from a different perspective thus enabling them to acquire a full understanding of the situation at hand. 

At Impulse Educational Services we :

  • Provide a learning climate that is open and fun but nonetheless rigorous.
  • Encourage students to be comfortable enough to identify their difficulties openly, to challenge themselves and to admit when they don’t know.
  • Provide students with structured opportunities to think intentionally about the cycle of learning
  • Encourage students in their own mastery of the different subject areas so that they feel competent in their understanding of the materials.
  • Help students develop study skills and organizational techniques to help improve their academic performance